September 2019

Spring is here and we will start our volunteer work sessions again this month. The grebes at Lake Middleton have also arrived back after their winter holiday and are reclaiming their floating nesting raft from the scaup, mallard ducks and shags. Grebe nesting is likely to happen soon.

September work session – planting around the Trust’s gear container

Our first spring activity is on Sunday 22 September starting at 10am. We’re going to do some planting around the Trust’s gear container at Lake Middleton. All the tools and other materials we need for the planting are in the container. We’ve formed a bund for the planting so that we can landscape the area to make it an attractive route to Lake Middleton and provide some shade for the container.

October work session – wilding tree removal from QEII Trust wetland covenant area

At Labour weekend, Sunday 27 October, we’ll be removing wilding trees from the QEII Trust wetland covenant area to the right as you travel towards Lake Ōhau – there are 2 wetland areas nestled in the old moraines (and another large wetland to the left as well). There is now a profusion of small to medium wilding trees growing in and around the wetlands.

We may extend our session to go from 10am to 2pm (rather than finishing at 12 noon) – depending on numbers of volunteers and progress made on removing the trees. Further details will be sent by email to those on our supporters list. To join our supporters list – use the form in the “Contact us” tab on this website.