January 2020

Trust AGM – 26 January 2020

Our AGM was held today on a sunny and still morning, sitting under the trees near the gear container at Lake Middleton. Thanks to the supporters who attended – we had a great discussion about the Trust’s work and various other matters that we will follow up on.

Here are the documents presented at the AGM:

Annual Report for year ending 30 September 2019

Financial Accounts for year ending 30 September 2019

Work Programme and budget for 2019/2020 year

AGM Minutes 27 January 2019

Here is a link to the recent video made by Environment Canterbury about wilding tree control in the Mackenzie Basin that is referred to in the Annual Report – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40yoEXnp4xQ&feature=youtu.be

We farewelled Trustees Grant Eames and Stacey Burnett at the meeting. Thank you both for your contribution to the Trust. Grant had been a Trustee for 8 years, 3 years as Chairperson and has made a significant contribution to the Trust.

Update on Cotoneaster eradication work

Since 2017, the Trust has been working with Environment Canterbury, Department of Conservation and Waitaki District Council on the eradication of cotoneaster within the Ōhau basin.  This work continues and crews will be out again in February and March to carry out more control work.

If you have seen an area with cotoneaster present that doesn’t look like it has had control work undertaken, please let the Trust know so we can ensure that control work happens there.

Here are some resources about cotoneaster – how to identify it and control it:

ECan: https://www.ecan.govt.nz/get-involved/news-and-events/zone-news/upper-waitaki/cotoneaster-the-plant-you-dont-want-for-christmas/

Weed Busters: https://www.weedbusters.org.nz/weed-information/weed-list/cotoneaster/

Land Care Research: https://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/resources/identification/plants/cotoneaster-key

Trust AGM

The Trustee’s are holding the AGM on Sunday 26 January 2020 at 11am at the Trust’s gear container at Lake Middleton, on the corner of Lake Ōhau Road and Ōhau Drive (road into the Village). Please bring a picnic chair and park any vehicles well away from the corner. If the weather doesn’t suit an outside venue, the AGM will be held at 17 Ōhau Drive (corner Ōhau Drive and Temple Lane – entry off Temple Lane). Supporters are invited to join the Trustees at the AGM.

2020 work sessions

Check the dates for our work sessions on the “Get Involved” page of the website. We have ordered beech seedlings again and we intend to plant these at our Easter work session on Sunday 12 April.

Grebe update

Our Lake Middleton floating nesting rafts have again provided a safe nesting place for grebe. Two grebe chicks are being raised by the parent birds (amidst all the summer holiday activities at Lake Middleton!). We expect the grebes will nest again (as they have done since the nesting rafts were installed) and raise more chicks through the late summer.