Strategic Plan and Projects

The Trust published its Strategic Plan in April 2017:

Restoring the Balance: A Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Strategy for the Lake Ohau Basin”.


The Strategic Plan sets out the Trust’s vision and aims:

Vision Statement

The Ohau Conservation Trust wishes to protect the special natural values of the Ohau basin. The Trust will promote awareness of, and protect, the unique habitats and biodiversity of the Lake Ohau area.


The Trust aims to implement its Vision in the Ohau basin by;

  1. Initiating and supporting research into the state of habitats and their biodiversity;
  2. Taking a leadership role in the protection and restoration of key habitats and their indigenous fauna and flora;
  3. Working with central and local government, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, other organisations, businesses and individuals throughout New Zealand to collaborate on projects and better resource the work of the Trust;
  4. Promoting and providing support for biodiversity and conservation education;
  5. Developing a broad supporter/volunteer base, nationally and internationally, of people who can actively contribute to the realisation of the Trust’s vision and aims.


The Trust's projects are set out in the Strategic Plan.  Details about these Projects will be added to this page. 

The Trust welcomes support for these projects both through voluntary work and financial donations.  Use the contact form on the Contact Us page if you are interested in being involved.


Current Projects

1.  Lake Ohau Mistletoe Project

This is a possum trapping project in order to maintain and enhance the mistletoe in the Lake Ohau beech forests and remnants.  The beech forests around Lake Ohau contain nationally and internationally significant mistletoe populations of scarlet mistletoe (Peraxilla colensoi), red mistletoe (Peraxilla tetrapetala) and yellow mistletoe (Alepis flavida).

All three of these species are ranked as ‘Declining’ according to the Conservation Status of New Zealand’s Indigenous Vascular Plants (de Lange et al 2012).

Mistletoe flowers

The Lake Ohau area is recognised by DOC as one of the highest ranked South Island priority areas for mistletoe conservation.

Stage 1 of the project focuses possum trapping effort on the public conservation land between Parsons Creek and Freehold Creek on the western shore of Lake Ohau.


Project Status:       Possum Trapping Permit approved by DOC on 9 March 2017.

Current activity:      Installation of up to 80 “Trapinator” possum traps (April 2017). Trapping suspended September 2017 because of TB Free poisoning operation in trapping area.

Trapping recommenced November 2018.

Reporting:                Numbers of possums caught per month and results of two-yearly monitoring of identified mistletoe plants.    


Possums trapped

April 2017 12
May 2017 22
June 2017 11
July 2017 12
August 2017 6
September 2017 2
November 2018 7
December 2018 12
January 2019 8
February 2019 1
March 2019